HVAC Installation Hueytown AL

For your next HVAC installation, you want the best. That’s who we strive to be. With certified and experienced technicians to carry our HVAC installation services in your home or commercial property, you can be confident your HVAC install is done right. 

Given their years of experience, Taylor Hudson and his team, are committed to providing you with the kind of HVAC service that will help you get the best out of your heating and cooling system….and your budget!


Our professionals do not just deliver premium services; they also carry our clients along, keeping them informed of the process every step of the way. We make it a duty to educate you about the services we render and the processes involved in each of them. Here are the significant steps our professionals take to install an HVAC system in your home successfully.

Assessment of your Home / Location

This is one of the most important steps, as it helps us identify the factors that most impact your comfort and the best HVAC system for your situation. Our technicians consider the size, number of rooms, weather patterns, quality of insulation, as well as factors contributing to air quality. Using this information we can easily suggest the perfect size and type of HVAC system that will guarantee a proper HVAC installation.


Electrical Load Calculation

Installing the wrong HVAC system in your home can have some expensive consequences. Calculation of the electrical load is an essential step in identifying the ideal HVAC unit for your home. The wrong choice of a HVAC unit’s can result in inefficiency, discomfort, increased electrical bills, repairs, and even system failure. These issues usually occur if your HVAC system fails to meet your home’s heating and cooling needs or if your electrical fixtures cannot meet the system’s demand. We will calculate your home’s electrical load to determine the right HVAC system for you.


Ductwork and Refrigerant Line Inspection

After performing the electrical load assessment of your home, our technicians will inspect the ductwork and refrigerant lines in your home. If any damage is found, we will provide a solution or correct the damage. Damaged ductwork will drastically impact the efficiency of your new heating and cooling system. Likewise, damaged or leaking refrigerant lines can impact your new HVAC system’s cooling capacity if it isn’t repaired.

HVAC System Recommendations

After inspecting your unique situation, we will suggest the right HVAC system or confirm if the system you intend to install is the right choice for your home. Our HVAC experts offer energy-efficient systems as well as budget systems to meet your needs. We give consideration to the heating seasonal performance factor and Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER) rating to help you determine the long-term costs of your system. Better quality systems are simple more efficient and last longer, thereby saving you money and guaranteeing your comfort longer. We are glad to educate your in these ratings and work with you to find a system you can be confident in.


HVAC Installation

After your HVAC system is ordered, we will schedule a day and time to install your HVAC system. Sometimes our schedule is full for several days but we will find a time that works for everyone so that our team of HVAC professionals in Hueytown are not rushed to complete your HVAC install. This is one way we can ensure our heating and cooling system experts will deliver a high-quality installation service at an affordable price within the scheduled time.


Evaluate Performance of the New HVAC Unit

After your new HVAC unit is installed, our technicians will test specific aspects of your HVAC system’s performance. To maintain good air quality, consistent temperature, and airflow, our technicians will adjust and help your program your thermostat.