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Heating Furnace Repair Hueytown AL

Regardless of the quality of a heating and furnace system, things can always break. The challenge occurs when your furnace starts having issues consistently. When this happens, you may need to replace your HVAC system, but by working with a professional heating and air technician, you might find it’s only a minor issue. Fresh Air HVAC provides quality heat pump and furnace repairs in Hueytown AL.

Taylor Hudson and his team provide you with the best service at very affordable prices.


Heating and furnace systems are susceptible to faults, and as such, they need timely maintenance and repair to keep them running well.

Overlooking repairs of your HVAC system exposes it to more risks, which may cost you a lot of money in the long run. The earlier these problems are detected and repaired, the better it is for you to increase its lifespan.

  • Furnace not producing enough heat: It is possible that after a while, your furnace stops producing enough heat. This can be caused by several factors. The best case scenario is the accumulation of dirt and debris in the air filter or a damaged air filter. When this happens, the furnace appears like it is working, but the clog blocks the air filter’s heat. The worst case is something wrong with the heating element itself. Both can be easily resolved.
  • Damaged safety switch: The safety of homeowners is paramount for all manufacturers of heating and furnace systems. To guarantee this safety, they always create a safety switch, especially for gas powered systems. A damaged safety switch can affect the overall working condition of the furnace. This safety switch’s primary function is to ensure that the fan and burner don’t come on while the panel is accessed. Considering that this switch works with the furnace door, the door’s wrong placement can deactivate the switch. When the safety switch is deactivated, the furnace will not work correctly.
  • Contaminated Burners: Most problems that occur with furnace systems happen as a result of contaminated burners. If you start noticing a change in the color of the burner flames from blue to yellow, it shows they have been contaminated and need repairs. For many, contaminated burners have a higher chance of occurring during the summer.
  • Rapid Cycling Problems: Another common problem with a heating and furnace system is rapid cycling. When this happens, you will start noticing the furnace turns on and off quicker than expected. Worn-out air filters are the primary cause of this problem, and to fix it, you will need to replace the filter before it affects other parts of the system.

Though many problems may arise with your heating and furnace system that will require a repair, these are the major ones. When you detect any of these, you need to call a professional like Fresh Air HVAC who specializes in heat pump and furnace maintenance in Hueytown AL.