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Air Conditioner Repair Hueytown AL

Hueytown AL is growing and people are starting to revitalize areas in and around Birmingham. With new retail shops and businesses entering the city, it is getting more challenging to “know your neighbors” and what businesses you can trust. This is true for the heating and cooling industry too.

For Hueytown heating and cooling services, Fresh Air HVAC provides “excellence” as our guarantee. That guarantee is that your HVAC system is in great hands and will stay in working order as long as you work with us. We take pride in providing the heating and cooling solutions you need to have a comfortable home.

All HVAC systems break down at some point. When you’re faced with that expensive heating or air conditioner repair, give Taylor Hudson with Fresh Air HVAC in Hueytown a call.


Annual heating and cooling maintenance will most often lower your costs of repairs when the time comes and it can prolong the life of your unit. The faster you act when you notice an HVAC problem the better. Contact a trained and licensed HVAC repair technician at Fresh Air HVAC for all your Hueytown heating and cooling needs. Not doing something about your broken HVAC or doing the repairs yourself can lead to more damage to your HVAC system.

Many signs show your HVAC system might be failing.  If you observe all or some of these signs, you should schedule for an HVAC repair appointment. 

  • Unfamiliar sounds from your AC: Because your HVAC runs so often, you should be familiar with how it sounds. Some systems run quiet while other run loud but they all should sound similarly from day to day. However, when unfamiliar sounds come from your HVAC, it could indicate a range of issues. Your best bet is to call on us. Our experienced technicians will listen to you and your HVAC unit.
  • Inaccurate Thermostat: Do you frequently increase or decrease your thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature? Your room temperature should not vary more than a few degrees from day to day. There might be an airflow problem with your HVAC if you’re constantly having to adjust it or you could simply have a thermostat issue.
  • Increasing power bill: Does your power bill seem to be going up? Your HVAC puts the biggest strain your power bill than any other system in your home already. But a rising bill often indicates there’s an issue with your heating and cooling system.
  • Moisture or Leakage: Does your outdoor HVAC unit discharge water outside or inside your house? Do you notice the area around your outdoor unit is muddier than it used to be? This could be a sign that too much condensation is building up and that’s a sign that you need to schedule an appointment with us.
  • Warm Air: if you are having a problem with your HVAC blowing warm or hot air, it is normally a compressor problem or your HVAC is low on refrigerant. Also, you might have a return duct that has been disconnected or broken and is pushing unconditioned air from outside.
  • Odd Odors: a stale smell is the most common smell associated with a faulty HVAC. If you notice a bad odor associated with your HVAC, the cause might be the water that has accumulated in the drain pan and can also be a sign of mildew.

If you observe these signs, call us to avoid a total HVAC breakdown.